Welcome to the new age of recruitment ? Recruitment now is Fast, Modern & Economical

Getting the right people to your team is Fast, Intelligent and Modern

What’s modern in it?

Less Searching More Interviews


To get the right team you need to search less and meet real people more.

Specialist Guidance


A dedicated consultant to help you make better decisions and guide you through building a better and more responsive team

Do it the right way


With the changing world the way people used to search work is also changing, People now look for more personal and customized relation and culture and ethics of organization

Hiredit Recruitment Intelligence System

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Automatic Matching


Use the power of Algorithmic Matching system, Create job positions and you will automatically get the list of candidates, we promote Diversity and Inclusion to get you the best team

Personalized Job offer


Simply Make them customized offer of the Job position, mention job details and invite them for job interview.

PI Personal Meetings


Meet the candidates personally along with our consultant, interview each candidate and know about their capabilities.

Deal Done !


Make them offer to join your organization and be part of your team

Smart Recruitment, eliminating extra layers.

We use HRI - Hiredit Recruitment Intelligence

No more paper CV, Digital India. Digital CV only


Say no to paper CV’s, a single Profiles does the work of CV now. Know about your candidate from the profile cum CV. Its already saved on cloud.

How relevant is Relevant


The only way to get a relevant manpower is not through computer matching, You got to meet the candidates personally. Computer can never tell you the relevancy of a candidate.

Direct Interviews


Our interview is designed to increase the rate of hiring, the job seekers profile goes through many filters and acknowledgements.

HiredIt gives you a competitive edge in recruitment, use our

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Good for your Bottom Line


We aim to cut down the total cost of recruitment. We have eliminated unnecessary steps of hiring process

Pay for what you use


You don’t pay unless you actually hire a candidate from our platform. Creating Account, Searching our database (That’s automatic), Sending Offers, and schedule interviews unlimited, all for free

Hiredit is suitable for all


We are designed to enable all organizations, and fulfill their human resource management; you don’t need a separate HR department in your organization."SME, Corporate, GOV or NGO "

Digital CV


Digital CV database of real time job seekers only, we remove the profiles of the candidates who already landed jobs. We call up only job seekers on the interview

Simplify how your business moves.

Create an account in a few easy steps.


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