Your Next Interview Invitation.

Get ready for your Personal Interview with your next Employer.

‘HiredIt’ is One of a kind.

In modern hiring you don’t apply to jobs, job givers directly call you up for a personal interview.

Personal Interview increases your chances of getting work, not just your resume.

Designed to land you work fast.

We have made hiring process fast, secure and digital.

Our core focus is to get a job, not just show you a job opening.

Digital recruitment, digital CV.

Modern recruitment is digital, your profile is your digital resume

You store all necessary information required for interview in your digital profile.

One profile for all work.

Dedicated Consultant Guidance.

As soon as your profile is matched with a job, a HiredIt consultant is assigned to you.

Consultant will guide you through the interview with the employer and help you get job.

Your safety and privacy is very important for Hiredit, your information is never shared with anyone, unless you agree.

Personal Interview increases your chances of getting work, not just your resume.


Smart Cloud based hiring, is fast and secure, once you crate your profile it’s never shared with anyone,

Unless you get selected for a job and agree to work with them.

No more spam, and fake job calls.

Smart recruitment is verified & trusted

You only receive job offers & interview calls from real job provider organization.

Mediator Free.

HiredIt is a place where only verified employers are listed, Only organizations having job with them are member of HiredIt.

You will only interact with the real job givers.

Other benefits of your profile.

You have a option to pause you’re your digital Resume when you are not looking for work.

You can always use your profile to help friends get work easily, and earn when they get job.

Recruitment Intelligence gives fast results, No more searching work.

You get job because of your abilities and skills, we don’t charge you any money for that.

Completely Free.

We never charge any money for your talent, it’s yours.

Our process is fully automatic form creating to landing a job, free unlimited job offers and personal interviews and dedicated consultants.

Smart Matching for More Relevant results.

Recruitment Intelligence is about quick and relevant jobs.

Its up to you to Accept or Reject the job offer and get invited to a PI.

Algorithmic Matching.

We use Automated Matching system to give real time quick results and eliminate errors

Our process is simple, secure and result oriented

Responsive recruitment is all about quick and real results. We aim to get you work, not just show you jobs to apply on them.

Your Personal Interviews with the employer is in line.

Direct interview with employer.

We aim to get you job, not just show you a vacancy & ask you to apply to it.

Now the job givers apply to you, they send you job offer and interview invite

All type of works.

You decide how you work and get paid, we have work for everyone.

Part-time, full-time, contract based all at one place.

Future Work.

Give rating and feedback and receive as well from the employers, the better your ratings the more your chances to get future work easily and fast.

Work on a click.

By use of information technology we have made Recruitment fast, secure and intelligent.

Your next Personal Interview is always ready.