Fields of Career within HiredIt.

Our Job is to Create Jobs in the economy, making the economy work ready is at our core.
We design, develop and reengineer solutions which give people an entirely Modern, Secure and Fast way of landing to your next job.
Create, Prosper, Foster, Reinvent, Imagine, Reengineer
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Business Strategies

The department is responsible for creating strategies that make our business more strong, outstand our competitors, maintain our market positions, identifying acquisitions and investments, developing monetizing strategies for products, or developing partners in emerging markets.


People are the most important part of our journey, keeping HiredIt going and growing.

Our People Operations team (known elsewhere as HR) and administrative staff are the curious and creative colleagues that anchor us to our foundations and help us shoot for the moon.

Marketing & Communications

The company’s values and the corporate governance must be kept in mind while performing the duties and responsibilities

A creative group ranging from event planners and designers to statisticians and analysts, our Marketing and Communications teams live and breathe the motto “reframe the future.”


You will be working on legal and policy creation and implementation of them within organization and outside. People responsible for maintenance of the legals of the organization and the operation.

Product Engineering & Development

People responsible for executing the operations and processing the operations , doing the main engineering of the overall  operations, creating the real value, managing the products offered to the users, the products and services offered to users must work and function properly and the users must get the promise each time they use our services.

Sales, Services & Support

Turn product innovations into vital client solutions. The backbone of Google’s success, the account managers, consultants, admins, and analysts in these roles are all dedicated to top-notch client service.

Facilities & Infrastructure

Create the collaborative work environments that help us succeed. A diverse squad, ranging from analysts and civil engineers to real estate managers and security officers, our team designs and maintains the surroundings that energize and inspire us.


Fuel our moonshots by devising innovative solutions to complex problems in forecasting, accounting, compliance, and project management. From advising our product teams to managing day-to-day balance sheets, you’ll help keep our business on track to meet (or, better yet, exceed) our goals.

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Equal opportunity

At HiredIt, we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products, and our community.

HiredIt is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.